Know more about WeClean4U Limassol

Cleaning and disinfection have never been more important than they are right now.

After gaining professional experience in various fields, we thought it was time we do something, Although it was a less favourable period to start a business, We`ve decided to set up a professional cleaning services firm in Limassol, a field which we`ve perceived as having a good growth potential in time.

WeClean4U comes to your help with a qualified team, with people having the necessary experience and training in offering professional cleaning and maintenance services for a variety of areas such as office buildings, commercial areas, schools, kindergartens, medical offices, fairs and exhibitions or public institutions.
At WeClean4U our staff is carefully selected, clean criminal record and no medical issues. We have a high standard for our professional cleaning solutions and machines. We adapt easily to the needs of our clients and we approach thoughtfully any given task.

The mission of WeClean4U aims at being for each of its clients, regardless of their requests and budget, the professional cleaning team with the highest degree of honesty, dedication, confidence and attention to details, offering a pleasant experience every time it works with its partners and develops an environment of constant growth for its employees.

Why choose our company

  1. Quality of our services is superior because we use only professional equipment and cleaning solutions depending on the materials they are made of: plastic, wood, granite, marble, sandstone, faience, glass, etc.
  2. The whole operation is done by a professional staff coordinated by a supervisor who permanently assesses the quality of our performance and provides information for further improvement
  3. We provide cleaning services at the competitive prices
  4. We wish for a long-term collaboration and for this reason we will do an excellent job to your complete satisfaction
  5. The clients can choose the operations to be performed and their frequency, and according to these factors, the price is adjustable
  6. After the first intervention, proportionally with the effort and time the job required, we will make you another offer at a more convenient price

Our Values

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    We invest time in understanding our employees, clients, business partners, and we respect their choices.

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    We take responsibility for our actions, in front of both our employees and our clients, being at the same time open to supporting the community in social projects.

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    We pay attention to our employees and clients, and especially to those who want to regain their dignity through work.

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    We act with honesty and openness and deliver what we promise

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    An old Latin saying, attributable to Seneca, tells us that “to err is human, to persist is devilish”. We take responsibility for possible slips or mistakes and we are always open to progress and to create new standards of quality.